I am a sugar addict, so taking this change seriously has been a bit of a challenge. I had a semi successful start 3 weeks ago that got dampened by a batch of baklavas I baked for my good friend Mike.  So without getting discouraged I started again on 3/21.  I have been on course for now 12 days.

I read a lot about the subject and I am diligently recording my food intake at Fitday  (Fitday.com). 

Details about my diet:

I am eating at the following proportions: fat 60%, Protein 30%, carbohydrates 10%, and I average 2000 calories a day. I am also taking the following supplements: a multivitamin, full spectrum minerals, extra Vitamin D, probiotic, Calcium Citrate, and fish oil pills. Most supplements come from NOW ( www.nowfoods.com) with the exception of the fish oil. 

I just started lifting weights on a very gently manner. I am using the slowburning technique for now, given that I am so overweight I cannot do cardio. I have severe arthritis on my right knee and it gets angry easily.

I have lost 8 lbs. so far. I am content with the progress I am making, even though 12 days is really not enough to say if these changes are working yet.