Results are in! I have lost 1.8 lbs this week. Without wanting to make a negative judgement on the number because I would take any loss over none, I would say water retention and too many calories may have hampered my hopes to have lost a larger quantity. However, Yipeeee! to me!!!!! I did it! I actually managed to stay away from sugar … and sweets … and rice … and potatoes for another week! I am so awesome, I want to hug myself.

Sure, it would have been amazing to get a huge number on the scale, but the sheer thought that I am stronger that my addiction is rewarding enough (in addition to the loss I actually had).  Now that a new week begins I have to set up a weekly goal. After much thought I decided to watch the amount of salt I consume, slowly up the water I drink and, try to make better choices on protein (ie, try not to have processed meats).

I will end this post saying: Shame on you, MaryAnn!