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It was about time to see a change. Boy, am I motivated now.  funny how a small loss can change your mood and make a dull day seem bright.  I call it the additions of a dieter:  The relief felt when the scale show a favourable number. We crave for this feeling. We dread the alternative.

So I have lost .6 lbs in the last 2 days.   The scale did not move in 4 days of clean, low carb eating.  On the 5th day a small change, followed by a larger one the following day. Victory is mine! I adjusted the calories, type of food and water intake in the hopes to see a loss. Now the question is what change mattered?  I suspect it is the water. I never drink enough. That coupled with water retention due to my miraculous NSAID may be the culprit for the no loss days.

I will keep focused on the goal: one day, one hour, one minute at a time. I smile at the end of the day knowing I made it through it. That is all that matters.

Tally: 17 days gone – 4 left for next weight in – 348 remaining until complete transformation.