Days Have Gone By

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Life has been good to me, still.  Maybe I should just relax and enjoy it. I usually live my days worrying about this and that, mostly stuff that has not happened and which never will.

I am learning what true commitment really means. I know that I have achieved many things in my life, but very few were a result of pure commitment. Most things had other supporting factors associated with them. For example: college. The ingredients to get through it were: free education + fun doing it + inertia + parents hawk eye on my performance + feeling part of a bigger group of people doing the same thing + not wanting to be the one that did not make it + commitment.

Losing weight has much fewer supporting factors – I am not surrounded by fellow dieters, but alone. No one has expectations from me but myself. I do have family support, but it is not the same.  It is not fun, it is not free.  There is no inertia here, every day, hour, minute is a conscious decision, a promise to keep my commitment. For that I am learning I love myself much more than I thought.  It feels great to feel loved by oneself.

I actually walked into the gym yesterday wearing civilian clothing and shoes (a far cry from resembling a gym attire) and did my upper body workout.  How much easier it is to get it done without the whole changing of clothing ritual.  Then I simply washed my hands and continued with my day.  You see, I am not a sneaker wearing type of person, but more a slack and shoes (actually sandals and flip-flops) one.

Finally but not least – I lost a lot of weight in the last 2 days: almost 1.5 lbs.  This is after a 10+ day stall.  I am so happy, I will sing in the car driving about my day.

Tally:  24 Days Gone, 3 days until next weight in, 341 days left until complete transformation