Tofurkey dogs

Image by Alfred Hermida via Flickr

This was a difficult week. Urges to eat Pita Chips, empty carbs, and to simply eat huge amounts of food was the most challenging these days.  I survived it with only one set back.  It was a good lesson learned.  I am able to recover from a mishap without ruining the days that followed it. Just like the old saying goes – If you fall, get on that horse and do not look back … maybe that is not how the saying goes, but you catch the meaning, right?

This prior week ended with a loss of 1.7 lbs – Perfect, if I may say so.  Everyday I am amazed that I am actually taking this journey. Every morning I smile knowing that I accomplished what I set to do the day before. It is truly one foot in front of the other and soon enough miles (in this case lbs) are left behind.

I often wonder why I did not lose weight before with the mental set I have today.  All the other times I lost weight my reasons were different that the ones now.  It took me to feel like an old, crippled person, dealing with chronic pain to get this light bulb to shine inside. I never before truly worried about my physical health, more specifically to heal my body, to reconstruct as much as possible the damage I have done to MY body. The reasons before were the typical – to look good, to fit on cute clothing, to make others notice me. To make others happy. To not be embarrassed of the way I look, to be able to wear high heels again … etc, etc … never I said, I want to be (not feel, but be) healthy!!

So cheers to my new-found wisdom, which arrived to me on my early 40s … better late than never.

Tally: Days Gone: 34  Days until next Weight in: 7  Days to Complete Transformation: 331