The Troubled Stateside

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This past week was a struggle to stay true to my goal. If trying to understand what happened, I must create a list so next time I can compare notes. Here is goes:

  • End of period and the days following it. They seem to be troubled* days for me, but this is just a suspicion at this time
  • The consumption of added carbs has provoked my cravings. Efforts to eat clean were not long-lasting enough before indulging in carbs again ( I should eat clean for at least 3 days following cravings)
  • Calorie average for the week was too high: 4 days with high calorie intake versus 3 with low. This should be reversed (at least) for consistent weight loss, I think.
  • Weekend day away from home – even thought I brought with me plenty of allowed foods, I ate too little of them, drank too little water, and this ate too many calories last night.
  • Not enough water
* troubled days: not only for weight loss but in all aspects of life, my life.
This week should be an eat clean, stay focused, do not overdo it with the calories type of week. I will do it.  Seven day commitment: No days over 1800 calories this week and no days over 30 grams of carbs.
Tally: days gone: 40   Days until next weight in: 7 days to complete transformation: 325