Damages (TV series)

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Life is good.  So why the crying, the lethargy, the dark veil over me?  I tried to fight it, I tried to resist. By mid afternoon I was done for., all I wanted was to be soothed, to curl up in bed. To eat… and so I did. First I conceded on the calorie restriction, then a load of carbs were consumed. Heartburn (and heartache) inevitable followed. It seemed like an old ritual, one I used to do every night. But life was not as bright then. I have no good reason to fall, to sadden, to weep. But I did. All of it with a “Damages” marathon on my laptop.

Today I envisioned myself feeling renewed, liberated, exonerated.  Maybe I needed yesterday to continue my journey. So I am taking it as a positive thing, and will be happy to move on with the above questions unanswered. After all. I am just human, of the female kind.

Tally:  48 days gone,  6 days until next weight in, 318 days until completed transformation.