A vegetarian dinner at a Japanese Buddhist temple

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I am putting to the test the “little hunger theory” from the book “The Enzime factor” from Hiromi Shynia, MD. I must say first that his book endorses a mostly vegetarian diet with “cold” low-fat proteins like fish. It actually does not agree with low carb diets full of animal protein and milk products.

The little hunger theory simply says that it is good for someone trying to lose weight to skip dinner or have an early light dinner.  I believe he recommends this to be done certain times per week, not everyday.  For the past 4 days I have had larger than normal lunches and have either skipped or chosen light dinners (a tomato salad with lemon and oil, for example).   Overall, I have eaten the same amount of calories, but shifted the heaviest calorie load to lunch. The results  for the last couple of days may be coincidental. but I have lost  over 3 lbs.  I have to say that these “little hunger days” were preceded by higher calorie intake days due to hormonal …hmm ..needs.

It is fun to be my very own private experiment.  I hope that by the time I am done or bored of experimenting, my weight will be somewhat in the “normal” range.

If you want to check my progress please chick on the link above called “Progress”. There you will find my weekly results as well as daily.

Thank you for reading!

Tally:  54 days gone, 7 days to next weigh in, 311 days until complete transformation.