First and Foremost, I am an  42 years old  mom of two amazing, still small kids.  That is who I am today. I can say that I have been something different on each decade of my life.

On my earlier decade,  I was an ambitious professional, with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s in Applied Statistics from RIT.  I have worked for amazing firms and companies such as PriceWaterhouse Coopers, and Xerox.

Before that I can say I was a fun college student, dedicated on searching the world around me for the perfect partner.

On my teen years, I was free-spirited. I lived in Brasil, Chile, and got to know Argentina quite well. I was surrounded by the most amazing family. A good number of them are now gone; and new, amazing additions show up every couple of years.

On my first decade in this world, just as on my teens, I learned to be a person, to love and respect others, through the examples my family provided. I am a product of their love. Love you Mom and Dad!

Vivi and Food

I wanted to add this on the about me page so you can understand, and maybe feel identified with me.  My relationship with food is simple. Food owns me. Coming from a Latin, Jewish background, food is more than important, it is a vital part of loving, of existing as part of a family. Everything happens around the dinning table.  Living rooms collect dust in my world.

My eating habits are (were) simple: consuming processed meats daily, specially smoked ones like ham and salami. Of course we do not eat them alone. White, crusty, artisan breads are a must, along with butter, cheeses and from scratch desserts. To break our fasts we concentrate on toast, with sweet butter and strong coffee (with huge amounts of sugar). There is always afternoon tea, which I no longer do, where more tea and sweets/breads were eaten.

There is also room for seasonal fruits, so my diet is not completely horrible. Seasonal vegetables, too! But I did not grow up knowing the importance of consuming great amounts of these. Vegetables are side dishes, most of the times the part of the meal I liked the least.  Seasonal fruits are great, and are consumed as dessert before or after the cookies and cakes.

I have adopted many amazing American fare dishes to my diet – bacon and sausage with eggs in the morning, chili, and burgers. Ok, ok, I have also adopted stir frys with lots of veggies and learned to love broccoli, green beans and sweet potatoes, common side dishes in America. As you see, not all is lost.

I hope that someday I will be able to move this About Vivi into an archive and create a new one. A description of my new decade to come.